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My Alternative GF11

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Teri is a voluptuous brunette beauty with soft curves. She poses in a retrograde monochromatic self shot in a clean bathroom. It has neat white tiles. A full body mirror and a wash counter on which she poises herself. She has a lewd look on her face as she poses sidewise giving a good view of her curvy boobs. Her brunette hair is short shorn and tied off neatly behind her back. Her boobs have a good shape and form about them and are hard with arousal with long nipples capping them. She has a well shaped body with a big round ass that she strokes long and looks at.


My Alternative GF10

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Brooke is a curvy brunette EMO teen with delicate curves. She postures in a vintage monochromatic portrait in a slick bedroom. It has neat little bedside tables and a hefty bed lain out with soft white sheets. She squats on the bed shedding her clothes and exposing her body. She has gothic piercings on her eyebrow and under her lip and black raiment that speak blatantly of her gothic style. Her brunette hair is let down in a flow onto her shoulders and boobs. Her boobs have a soft curve and hard nipples and form blunt domes on her chest.

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My Alternative GF9

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Two naughty EMO lesbians pose in a stuffed and cluttered room in a twist of bodies that are warming up.  The petite girl is on top and dressed in a white blouse and panty. The down-blouse shot gives a candid view of her petite and conical boobs. Her slender body is lavishly tattooed on the side and rear. She reaches out to kiss the busty woman lying with her back flat on the table. Her body is arched and she cups her large breasts that have hard nipples filled with arousing emotions. She has piercings on her lower body and a multicoloured tattoo on her pubic region and lower belly.

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My Alternative GF8

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A busty brunette gothic girl with a slender body poses for an amateur photo. She is in a bed room with a large collection of fashion accessories neatly stacked by type and on a bed neatly made with clean sheets. She has a ghoulish look wither heavy mascara and reddish eyes. Her body is deliciously curved with a whitish pallor on it. Her brunette hair is short shorn with blonde wisps interspersed in it. Her boobs are excellent in shape and soft forming lusty mounds on her bosom. She still has her panties on her shaved body.

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My Alternative GF6

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A freshly bosomed brunette teen punk with a slim body postures in a POV shot. She is on a soft bed near a window with its blinds down. She has a very fresh face with beautiful features on it. Her body is delightfully slender with an ethereal paleness on it. Her long brunette hair is folded and let in a nice do at shoulder level. Her tits are softly rounded and cradle a heavy and multi coloured tattoo in the shape of a crucifix. She crosses her legs to cover her pubes and is splendidly shaved.

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My Alternative GF5

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A natural bodied brunette EMO teen with a supple body poses lying in a POV shot. She is on a delicate bed with girlish sheets and pillows in a bedroom. She has a tired yet wanton look on her face. Her body is well tanned and shaved. Her brunette hair crowns her head and is hidden by her hands. Her tits are delicately curved and soft with erect nipples. She folds her legs to hide her pubes which just gives a sexy glimpse. There is a neck line tattoo and one on her legs which adds a stunning contrast to her otherwise smooth body.

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My Alternative GF4

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A petite brunette EMO girl with a softly curved body poses for a sensual portrait. She is on a soft mattress made with a violet sheet. She has a beautiful wanton look on her face. The luxurious spread gives a delectable view of her voluptuous body. Her light and almost worn off mascara speaks of a gothic element in her. Her brunette hair is let down in a pool onto her shoulder. Her boobs are un tanned and the bra has just been removed. She has a designer panty on her that covers her pubes. Her body is splendidly tanned and shaved.

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My Alternative GF3

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A brunette rocker teen postures in a retro black and white self shot on a stage. It has a star spangled cult curtain with a big sun in the middle and smaller ones ait the corners. She has a salacious look all over as she squats bare on the stage wielding a guitar. Her brunette hair is long and let to go wild and flows down her face to her shoulder and boobs. Her boobs have a soft curve about them and are hard with arousal with piercings on the nipples. She covers her nude pube with her guitar that completely covers her lower body

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My Alternative GF2

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A well endowed brunette gothic young lady with a supple body postures for a sensual portrait. She is the corner of a room sitting on the polished wooden floor; there is a green wall against which she rests her body. She has a gothic look on her face with slick hair cut and the piercing under her lip. Her body is scrumptiously curved with a healthy creamish complexion all over it. Her brunette hair is short shorn with wisps extending to her shoulder level. Her busty boobs are soft and rounded and there are piercings on her nipples. Her pussy slit can be slightly seen on her shaved pubes.